What is shoulder impingement?

My son has a sore shoulder, right on the top where the little muscle crosses the joint. His pitching coach said it sounds like shoulder impingement, and that he should see a doctor. Okay, I’ve made the appointment. Now, can anyone fill me in on what this is, and what questions I should be asking the doc when I take my son to see him?


Try this:

Shoulder Impingement

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Shoulder impingement often is the result of throwing at too high an angle (elbow to shoulder). Ideally the elbow should be even or slightly below shoulder level just before and at release. If the elbow is a few inches higher than the shoulder at release, impingement can occur. So you may want to have your son go through a “dry run” of his throwing motion in front of the doctor, and maybe the doctor will see something wrong and have a recommendation for altering your son’s mechanics.

i had a shoulder impingement…basically my arm was fatigued beyond belief. Even after not throwing for a week or so, if i went to warm up before a game, just light tossing it would almost instantly feel like I had just throw 100 pitches with 100% effort. My arm was just toast, and my velocity was way down…dead arm. My shoulder, and almost more so the upper back part of my arm, i don’t think it was my tricep but it was almost right were the tricep and the lateral delt meet. it would just always be so tight. When I would wake up if I moved my arm it would make a loud pop like an old person when they bend their knees.

I did physical therapy, the life is back in my arm, im throwing harder then ever but it will still crack and make those old man knee noses alot. Even if i just point my arm up towards the sky it feels completely different then my left shoulder

I started to feel it was me throwing 3/4 that really made that exact spot sore as hell the next day and throwing 3/4 would tire me a lot quicker. I’ve worked all winter on coming over the top, it felt weird at first but now it feels right. I’m throwing harder over the top, and more importantly my arm hasn’t even been getting sore. Last weekend I long tossed the length of a soccer field, throwing at 100% effort and my arm wasn’t even sore the next day.

Google “sleeper stretch” and perform that…where u feel that stretch is exactly where my issue is. That sleeper stretch is a blessing :slight_smile: , it’s one of those stretches to me that just feels great, but ironically when I do it with my good arm, my left it actually hurts a little bit.

i have the same problems throwing 3/4… arm would get tired too quick and i would catch pain throughout my arm but im trying now to throw over head… i find it hard because i still catch myself throwing 3/4