What is Rushing?


I know that there are other threads on rushing; and I have read them, but I must not have understood them because I still feel like I don’t know what rushing means in relation to pitching. Anyone that could help me see the light on this topic would have my eternal gratitude.

I think my son (13) has trouble with rushing. If your lower half is moving too fast or faster than your upper half, is that rushing? If your lower half is moving so fast you’re stomping down on your front foot rather than gliding, is that rushing? If so, that’s my son’s problem alright.

Apart from a toe-tap drill I found online, what recommendations are there for fixing rushing? I’ve asked my son before why he feels the need to move his lower half so fast. I’ve asked him is it nerves, or does he feel like this is how velocity is generated? He says the later. I feel like this problem is very akin to his problem lunging during hitting when he was younger. That has gotten a lot better, so hopefully this will too. In the meantime however, my hair is turning gray. :frowning:


Rushing is simply a timing flaw where the lower half has a faster tempo than the upper half. The lower half is rushing through the delivery. It happens when pitchers try to over throw or muscle up. Jumping toward home or landing hard is a symptom of rushing. Throwing arm lag or late external rotation is another. If you pause a video of a pitcher and he hasn’t yet reached high cocked position right about the time his foot strikes, then he’s late with his arm. Rotating the shoulders forward before the arm is at the high cocked position is stressful on the arm.

Adjust the lower half tempo down by a fraction of a second or break your hands a fraction of a second earlier, whichever is easier. Generally, it’s easier to adjust the lower half tempo–just be careful not to slow it down too much.


Thanks, CoachPaul! I guess I do understand what rushing is! I would say that, unfortunately, I am now intimately familiar with it.

It’s interesting that you say either speed up the top or slow down the bottom. That makes complete sense. I would think that speeding up the top would be easier for him to do, and I asked him this as well, and he agreed. However, I think that it would not help as much with landing softer. If the hard landing is the biggest issue he has now, would you concur that slowing the bottom half would be wiser than speeding up the upper half?

Thanks for your help!


In my opinion, it’s easier to delay hand break than to hasten it, but that’s up to him. The velocity will come from the rotation and not from a forceful landing. It takes energy to stabilize after a hard plant. That energy would be better utilized being multiplied up the kinetic chain. Smooth tempo and soft landing into high cocked position with agressive, ground up rotation is how you should muscle up.