What is most important?

To be a good pitcher what is most imporant?

It would depend on what level you are referring to. You may want to include control. What good is velocity or movement if you cant hit the black part of the plate consistently at the higher levels.

Velocity. If Jason Neighborgall could get drafted in the third round (with second round bonus money) simply because he threw 103 MPH for Georgia Tech (despite walking 113 batters and throwing 30+ wild pitches), that tells you all you need to know.

The four pillars of effective pitching are traditionally:


Press your strengths and overcome your weaknesses…

The problem with velocity is that an obsessive focus on velocity may be counterproductive…

Maybe I’m wrong, but your answer seems to say you interpreted the question as being, “What’s the most important factor in getting drafted.” I interpreted as being what is the most important thing in insuring a pitcher’s “success”. The correct answer depends entirely on one’s perspective.

I would say, of those two answers. movement, I can eventually time anything no matter the speed, but movement ends up in weak contact and that is what I want.