What is loving baseball

We all hear kids of all ages say how much they love baseball and their parents say my kid loves baseball .Millions love it from a fans prospective. I generally ask the player to explain what loving baseball means to him. Of course it’s as hard a question to answer as is expaining love to a person. But when your play, your actions after a bad play, your language, body language etc shows that you love it, then maybe its’ best to not say it. JUST SHOW IT.

Loving baseball is not wanting to stop playing the game, or throwing the ball or fielding or just playing catch. I love baseball, when I was a kid 12 yrs & up I was always at the baseball field every day, all summer long just practicing pitching, fielding fly balls & grounders and playing pick=up games if enough guys were around. Most times it was just me and a close friend who loved baseball like me and he wanted to be a catcher so we were always throwing a baseball. We would rather throw a ball than eat or sleep. We did’nt follow major league players stats and stuff like that cause we were to busy throwing and fielding to waste our time on what the pro’s were doing. Loving baseball is like a drug, you just can’t get enough of it. Bill

An easy answer: is there ANYTHING in the world you’d rather be doing?

how about showing up early one day and the field is taken by others who arrived earlier and it ruins your day or hearing your mothers bullhorn to come home and you ignore it and miss supper. A real test is staying with a few other guys and your girlfried stops, yells threats to join her at the beach and you ignore her too. sounds like we will have some great responses from the real lovers.

Middle of winter, 20 degrees out, your outside in gym shorts long tossing. Hitting off the tee when you can’t feel your hands. Arriving to the field an hour before anyone even shows up, and almost falling asleep on the infield grass after you stretch. Sliding head first, scraping your elbows and burning them and the only thing you think is “hell yeah.” Having a game on a sunday night, completely daydreaming at church. Watching TV with your glove on. Taking a shit with a baseball in your hands (good time to get comfortable with your changeup grip.) Hating winter. Praying baseball season would never end, when most of your teammates love the last game of the year. Even pondering peeing on your hands to get help get rid of those blisters from the hours of extra batting practice you put in.

if you love it, you know it.

The last 2 responses were great; add snowball baseball, you never lose a ball. Knowing it is great too, since love is hard to explain but as mentioned previously… If you love it you show it during practice and games even when you understand the frustrations which make it hard for many to show good self control.
Any other not mentioned games etc. which show the love in fun situations?

Baseballs LIFE-- Leave it at that