What is causing this pain?


Hey there, I’m 15 years old… and to keep this short… my arm HURTS! I’ve had my share of arm pain in the past, ranging from a sore rotator cuff about 3 years ago, to tennis elbow 2 years ago, and pretty much everything else in between.

Both of those have gone away, more or less, over the last few seasons, with “hints” of each returning on a few rare occasions with much less significant pain. However, there has been one spot on my arm… bicep, tricep, brachialis area that has not let up in hurting since I was around 11-12, and only hurts while I’m pitching, and the few days that follow.

I notice someone made a similar post about this a few weeks ago, but realize they got no other response than see a doctor. I went to an orthopedic doctor last spring about this same issue, but, since I had not been pitching within the last week or so, my arm didn’t hurt throughout the various tests they ran. - this leads me to be fairly confident that there is nothing serious going on in there… hopefully! :slight_smile:

To describe the pain, it only sets in after about the second inning of pitching, or around 30ish pitches. (fastballs) It is in no way caused by offspeed pitches… I do not throw them while my arm hurts. I am left handed, and the pain is typically at one specific point, around the middle of my upper arm, two and a half to three inches above my elbow. Although the pain has begun to stretch all the way down to the elbow and up through the shoulder. After I stop throwing for around 30 seconds, my arm begins to feel limp, and tingles. I can hardly raise it or apply any pressure to it. The only thing I’ve notice that makes it better… ironically enough, is to keep throwing. At least while I’m throwing it stops hurting, but after I finish it only hurts more… It will stop after around two hours, and only hurt again if I being to throw in the next 3-4 days that follow, or if any pressure is applied to the tricep area. - the ‘trigger point’ of the pain. Stretching never hurts my arm.

Here is a low quality video of me pitching yesterday… which is what caused my arm to hurt today. It was my first outing of the year in a scrimmage. I haven’t been overusing my arm at all, being very careful all offseason to watch and keep track of bullpens. I can’t throw too fast… and it was this batter when my arm really began to hurt. Sorry for the quality.


I was planned to pitch tomorrow… but with this pain I do not think I will be able to.

Any suggestions you could recommend besides see a doctor would be greatly appreciated!! I’ll answer any questions that I didn’t make clear! Thank you so much!


That’s a tough angle to analyze from but it looks to me like you pull your glove back and to the side. This can lead to early shoulder rotation and the arm having to play catch-up which, in turn, can lead to elbow pain.

Maybe video from 1B and from home plate would reveal other potential causes of your pain.


The tingling and limp feeling you get make me think it could be a pinched nerve. Of course, I’m no doctor.


Yea , you need to stop Pitching until you fix your mechanics. Your all arm and have a late arm acceleration. Your glove leg reaches out and has very little glide. Though it does appear to have some. Upon foot strike. Body momemtum does not transmit to the arm and your using arm muscles to throw. Take the opposite of an outfield crossover step. When you do that move, you will notice the body doing most of the work.