What is better.......?

Is it better to go in the whirl pool after pitching or is it better to ice or both or whats the best thing to heal the arm? I have heard both ways heat is the best and then I’ve heard iceing is the best. I’m a die hard icer. I ice my arm after everytime I even pick up a ball. I am just curious if I am doing the right thing by doing this.

I believe that icing is the best because it maximizes blood flow to the region.

Personally I believe in none of the above.
Ice seems to slow the healing time actually, the only time I ice is on my elbow, not the shoulder. If your sore right after your done pitching (same day) I would ice, however your arm is telling you something is wrong! If it is just the soreness/tightness you get when you wake up that is to be somewhat expected (not always) due to the muscles repairing and growing stronger.

I would say best is to simply go for a light jog. Not because of lactic acid (that doesn’t happen during pitching) but because getting the blood flowing through the microtears in ones arm will help promote cell repair/growth.

Hope that helps

I honestly don’t know if there is a right way to go about this, and think this could be a great question to debate/discuss, especially with the season creeping up.

I never ice my arm also. Only when it’s hurt. Then I ice it for 20 minutes or so.

I do a little jog just to get the blood flowing like centerfield2150 said.

In college, pitchers jogged. In pro ball, however, we just shut 'er down and hopped into a hot shower. Running took place the next day. Some guys iced down after a game (before the hot shower), but many just showered. (The thought here is that the body’s already spent. No need to continue to wear it down, even with a jog. So we’d jog the next day when we had 24 hours to recover a bit.)

I have seen some people say they take a hot shower after practicing or having an outing.

What’s the deal with taking a hot shower after it? Does it get the blood flowing better? Is there any advantage to take a hot shower instead of taking just a warm or cold shower?


I have heard a lot of pros and cons about both ice and heat after pitching.

In my experiences I have become an ice fan. After I have one of my pitchers throw I like them to warm down with stretching, then I Ice and hang there arm (above the head) while using a TENS unit (when possible).

I feel that the ice helps prevent inflammation, therefore causing less soreness which will speed up the healing/recovery process. Hanging the arm helps rid the body of the inflammation by dispensing it over a larger area of the body through the lymphatic system.

The TENS unit is an electrical stimulator that also aids in the pain control process.

Many pitchers like this combination very much.

when i was in high school, we hade to jog after we pitched, usually dependant on how much we threw, more innings=more time jogging. I found that if done early in the season it help build some endurance and allowed me to go longer in games. I am now coaching where i played high school ball(same head coach) and we still use this technique. Last summer we tried running after the game and running the next game, our pitchers reported less soreness when they ran directly after the game.