What is a slurve?

what is slurve

[quote=“josh”]what is slurve[/quote] its a slider that dosent curve much, its like a combo of a slider and curve, xpt the slurve is like a curve that is hung but is about 85 mph

can the slurve still be an effective pitch ? bronson arroyo of the red sox… doesnt he throw a curveball like a slurve ? are their any advantages or disadvantages of the pitch ?

kerry wood used to throw a sick slurve but it cause him arm trouble, francisco rodriguez throws a pretty good one sometimes. i think its a great pitch but puts alot of strain on the elbow

well the other day in baseball class we were practicing pitching and coach asked me to throw a curve but throw it like a slider… and i surprised myself to throw a pretty good slurve… however ive never really felt my elbow hurt in any way after throwing any time… usually its my shoulder that ails me a bit… but its gotten better after long tossing daily…

i throw one too and ive never had arm trouble from throwing it in the elbow or shouldr but ive read and heard from many coaches and peope in baseball it does put alot of strain on the elbow. i have never had pain from it but i supposed maybe with other mechanics you could have pain in the elbow

a slurve is a slider like a curve or the other way around. by the way most scouts would like to ssee a true curve or slider

Yeah, like others have said, it’s a quazi-curve, quazi-slider. But scouts really want to see a true curve or slider instead.