What is a sinker and screwball


A fastball has underspin, spinning backwards
A curveball has topspin, spinning forwards
A slider spins like a bullet or football.
A cutter has underspin, spinning backwards
A knuckleball has no spin.
A screwball has top spin?
what is a sinker spin?


The sinker is another name for a two-seam fastball. The screwball—well, I would advise against it unless you don’t mind using it so much that it will literally screw up your arm; it’s a reverse curveball. I remember the time when Eddie Lopat, talking about that pitch, asked me if I ever threw it. I knew how, but I never used it, and when I told him I didn’t throw it he said “Good for you—you don’t need it.” Indeed I didn’t; I had a pretty fair country arsenal of assorted breaking pitches, including my two best—the slider and the knuckle-curve. :baseballpitcher:


A sinker is basically a 2 seam that has more break to the arm side and down
I’m not too sure but i believe that a screwball is described as a reverse slider (Lots of break down and arm side)


Actually, the screwball is a reverse curve, and it is unfortunately very well named because if you throw it too much and too often it will screw up your arm, no pun intended. Remember Carl Hubbell? He used it so much that in time whenever he just stood there with his arms at his sides the palm of his left hand faced out. Ouch! The slider is another pitch altogether. I remember how Eddie Lopat showed me how to throw a good one; his instruction was simplicity itself: “Throw it like a curve, but roll your wrist, don’t snap it.” It took me time to get used to that easier wrist action, because I threw my curve with a sharp karate-chop wrist snap, but I finally got it, and that slider became my strikeout pitch. 8) :slight_smile:


My kids worked with his pitching coach for a year or so on a screwball. Based on how he’s been taught seems to me it’s thrown like a pronated curve. Threw a few times in fall games & likes the pitch to use as another change up. Still struggling with consistency with this pitch & won’t be able to work with instructor until seasons over but it is something he’d like to work on some more. I honestly don’t see the danger with a screwball unless there’s another way to throw it we don’t know about.


On one hand, the screwball is a pronated pitch so your hand and forearm end up rotating the same direction they’re going to rotate after ball release which is fairly safe (as opposed to supinated pitches which can involve an abrupt change of direction from supination to pronation). On the other hand, pitchers may try to achieve a full 90 degrees of pronation from fastball hand position (i.e. a reverse curve) and that might push them beyond what their flexibility allows which can be problematic. In the end, the safest way (IMHO) to throw the screwball is to pronate only to one’s tolerance and to limit the number thrown to no more than about 20% of one’s pitch total. And if you don’t have the flexibility to pronate enough to throw a true screwball then you don’t throw the screwball - you throw whatever pitch your flexibility does allow (change, sinker, runner, etc.).


Ok I figured out the dofference between 2sf vs sinker. 2sf has a straight backspin , while a sinkers backspin is off a little bit making it sorta like a slider. For a rhp, the sinker red dot points straight ahead, while a sinker points to 5-4 o’clock


Sinker spins like a counter clockwise tornado. Sxrewball spins the same way but on a / axis


ok, theres a lot of misunderstanding here.

from a right handed pitcher:

4-seam fastball = straight backspin

2-seam fastball = backspin but with an angle like this /

sinker = the exact same thing as a 2-seam fastball but thrown down in the zone so instead of getting more of a left to right action you get downward action. a lot of it is due to the fact that you are staying on top of the ball a little bit longer because you are throwing it lower.

screwball = a ball with top spin with an angle like this \ that goes left to right and down but acts like a breaking ball instead of a fastball with movement.