What is a good velocity for a 5'10" 13yr?


I would like to know what a good velocity is for a 5’10" 13 year old boy. He is around 140 lbs.


Average is about 62mph


Does height have a difference?


*6 ft.


Average velocity benchmarks are based on age. Height may help explain why he is above/below that threshold. A recent growth spurt may cause him to fall below due to lack of coordination but a coordinated and tall kid should be above (in theory of course). There are so many factors that come into play for velocity, but I would aim for 65 as a “good” velocity.


He caps out at 70, off a crow hop he caps out at 74. That sounds pretty good then!


There was plenty of kids that were 12/13 throwing 70-75 in the LLWS. For a 12-13 year old, that is throwing pretty hard.


The problem with using youth “age” as a guide to assessing velocity is that saying someone is 13 years old does not distinguish between 13-years-and-10 days and 13-years-and-350-days - basically a full year of difference there. More importantly, “age” generally means calendar age, whereas biological age is far more important and plays a greater role in velocity. A 13 year old could have a biological age of 14 or 15. Most of those “Little League World Series” pitchers throwing 70+ fit this mold. I know one pitcher who in Little League was a man among boys. He threw in the 70s as a 12 year old and was unhittable. Total stud. Or I should say “Little League Stud”, because today he is in high school, is about a whole inch taller than he was in Little League, does not throw hard enough to pitch, and plays the outfield. What happened? He was a classic early developer at 12, but by high school all the other kids caught up to or passed him.


strikeoutthesiide, I’m curious, is this question about ability, a benchmark for progress, what?


He wanted to know how he compared to average coach baker, and south_paw, he is about 13 1/2.