What improvements could my 9y/o make to his mechanics?

New guy, so Hi from Key west, FL!

My 9 y/o is really excited to be getting a chance to do some pitching. Someone out in Center field the other night said something along the lines of, “that kids is going to need surgery some day”. Well, I certainly don’t want that!

He can get in the zone and throw some consecutive strikes but can revert back to way over the catchers head and in the dirt as well. So consistent accuracy is something he is hoping to learn and improve on.

Thank you for any suggestions you may have!

Cristian pitching

Looks really good up until past 17 seconds. The lead landing leg should push into the ground more, especially at ball release, looks like a lot of his weight is still on his back foot.

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Awesome! Thanks, lefty. I’ll be sure to write this down on my list for our next pitching practice. When he plants the lead foot with more authority does it become the primary weight bearing leg with the rear driving leg just along for the ride?

You see many pitchers finish with that rear driving leg raised in the air, sometimes it’s the highest body part before it’s brought back down to completely finish the pitch. Is that just a natural movement that occurs from the force of the body moving forward and then the downward movement of the torso for the release or is that a purposeful movement to transfer more weight/force to the front leg?

Sorry for the lack of appropriate terminology! When I played it was a LOT less scientific and my dad was obsessed with catching fish, not baseball!

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Id argue that when the front heel hits the ground that this is when the weight shifts to the front leg.

That’s kind of an interesting question, but I would say that it happens naturally from putting so much force into the ground.

AHA!! Now I see it! That is awesome. Video went perfect with what you explained and then going back and watching my son’s delivery it’s very noticeable now.

Really appreciate the time and knowledge, lefty.

At 9 years old I wouldn’t over analyze. Advise I’d give at this point is let him throw more than pitch. Throw with intent and let it come natural.

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I agree, I work hard to not be the overbearing baseball dad that sucks the fun from the game. I only became concerned when another parent said his delivery was going to lead to injury unless he corrected it. Of course I would love to see him succeed and excel at a sport he absolutely loves, but any tinkering on my part at this point is only to make sure he is throwing in a way that is as most safe as possible.

Thanks for giving me your input, dude! What a great group it seems you have here. Have a great day today!

good For just starting but he needs his back foot on the ground until release