What if you could find something wrong in my mechs?

i found a way to videotape myself and get it on computer even though this is nothing you could consider quality footage you can basically see the overall thing. i guess it’s better then just telling you what i’m doing, right? i’m an 18 year old 6-1 left hander if that gives you any more help. so if you find anything or just to give a comment i would apreciate it since i usually dont videotape myself that was pretty much the first time i saw myself too.

video 1 back view fastball, change-up curveball if that really matters.

video 2 frontside view i threw a little faster on this one still i wasn’t totally at game speed since it was early in the morning and i didn’t want to blow up something, i didn’t really warmed up.

you throw how hard again?

no offence but it looks very sloppy and if you get the ball over the plate it has to be by luck. it doesnt look like you have any control at all … if i was to bat against you i jsut wont swing…

pitching is very hard, complicated, and takes alot of time and concentration. try looking for a pitching coach to help you understand why every part of your body must work in sync to generate power stamina and acc.

where are you from?

it’s hard to be accurate when you are aiming pretty much nothing. im throwing to a wall this might give you the feeling i just throw the ball but when i have a glove to aim i can get around it. i am not throwing game speed right there this is like bullpen pitches it really just to get the whole idea since i never videotape myself. i’ve been pitching since i’m 9 year old i’m 18 i know it takes time.

on the wall take some duct tape and make a strike zone … along with a line going across to make it 4 square boxes… it gives you something to aim at. up and in low and in up away and low away…

Dont aim at all

the whole “dont aim just pitch” thing has been taken to far… you do aim… by looking at your target and having your elbow point to it prior to release …

thats included in the pitching. with aim i mean, thinkin of hitting the target instead of just repeating yourt mechanics. so it messes up your mechanics.

nah i don’t aim but really just throwing a pitch to nowhere is hard. like pitching to a batter when there’s no catcher. you tend to throw at the target thereof being the batter. but people on here seems to think i can’t throw strikes which is notright with my velocity i wouldn’t stand on a mound at my age nor would i get batters out if it wasn’t for a good control and good change-up. the wayi sequence my pitches i can actually get batters to be overpowered by my below average fastball.

and btw, pointing your elbow is not aiming, cuz its just for 1 second not even 1 second.
and u focus, u dont aim.

thats my opinion tho:)

yeah i dont think anyone aim the ball it’s just how you repeat your mechanics that will make your release point constent and make you able to throw strikes. you have to control your pitches too. there was a guy at my baseball camp that was throwing right handed he had good mechanics but his fastball tailed a ot so whenever he wanted to throw on the inside corner to a lefthander his ball would end up down the middle and when he was throwing inside on righties he would hit them most of the time. he couldn’t understand the movement of his fastball.

Hard to be sure without a side view but it looks like you reach with the front foot and, at the same time, leanback toward 2B. You might also stride to the throwing arm side. And you might be lacking momentum based on how upright you are after one of those pitches.

How often do we hear this word used without any clear explanation. In previous posts I suggested an “AIMING {BODY} POSITION” or as some call a power position. We see this with archers and riflemen. I am open to a clear description of what happens to a thrown ball which is aimed.

I think “aiming” the ball refers more to a mindset rather than a physical action. A pitcher that is said to be aiming the ball looks as if he’s just hoping to throw a strike or trying to guide the ball to a location. Not aiming the ball is trusting your stuff and throwing the ball with conviction to a spot. It doesn’t mean you’re not trying to be accurate, it simply means to throw the ball with authority and confidence.

Good reply from Palo20.

To me, “aiming” is fairly easy to spot. The pitcher no longer trusts his mechanics and, therefore, alters them in an attempt to improve accuracy. There will be a change in mechanics - usually in the timing of those mechanice - and there will usually be a decrease in velocity.

The first this I do when I see my pitcher doing this is to remind him to trust his mechanics because that’s what he has practiced so much.