What helps your control?

My command has been falling off quite a bit and i was just wondering what everyone does to improve their control. If i could locate my fastball better im sure id be 3000000% more effective. i havent seen too many control posts on here so have at it everyone, post away. Thank you

Good mechanics, good timing, repeatable delivery.

When I was a little snip (age 12, 13) I would get hold of a catcher and we would play a game called “ball and strike”, in which I would throw to various spots, high, low, inside, outside, down the middle, you name it—the whole point was to gain proficiency in hitting those spots. Believe me, it worked, because at age 14 I got into actually playing the game through an odd circumstance. I didn’t have much stuff at the time, but I did have the control. :slight_smile:

I agree with Zita. In ur pens dont just throw the ball to work on mechanics. Use it to learn spots. I use this in my pens.

10 warmup pitches
2in, 2 middle, 2 outside.
Low in, Up away, Low away, Up in.
5 Curves (different spots)
5 Changeups
2 hitters

Done :slight_smile:

Make something similar. If you miss a spot try to hit it again until u get it twice.

Good luck


Control issues can have many different causes. Common areas to look into are:

  1. Is it a mental concentration issue? Are you able to concentrate during the game or do you get distracted hearing the voices in the crowd, sounds from the opposing players’ dugout, etc.? You can use a number of mental concentration exercises to help you with control. Here, is one:

  2. Is it a balance issue? Do you feel awkward in your delivery? Is your delivery a jerky movement where your head moves a lot or is it under control? To improve in this area, you can work on balancing exercises and remove unnecessary movements in your pitching delivery. Here, is one example that is good for pitching and hitting.

For instance, if you tend to bring the ball over your head in your delivery, do not continue to do this as it can cause you to lose balance on your delivery to home plate.

  1. Are you pressing? When are you experiencing a lack of control? Is it when you are trying to aim the ball in a certain situation? Often, times pitchers will aim the ball when they are trying to get a strike. Unfortunately, this aiming deviates from actually throwing the ball and you lose the benefit of all that muscle memory from prior pitching. If control is a challenge in this area, I would suggest making adjustments to your stride or coming over more on your lead leg rather than trying to aim the ball like you are throwing a dart. It is better to use your larger muscles over the course of a game than just your arm, because it will tire out much faster.

Hope this helps or at least starts to get you thinking. It is difficult to give real specific advice without some video.

Jack Elliott