What has changed?


So,my boy begins playing for a new team (13U). In travel ball terms he has gone from a 13 AA team to a 13 Major team, these teams are normally the best at what they do it is very hard to discount what the coach is telling me. " Your sons pitching coach has done well to get him to this point, however much of what your coach is teaching is dated. Things taught 20 years ago will not cut it now." My boy is a leftie, one thing the new coach takes exception with, is a big high leg kick and was not taught a “knuckle curve”. Those are just specific examples, there are more. The new coach wants to rework my boys mechanics. Said he needs advanced instruction.


If you have a video of him pitching you should upload it to YouTube and then link it here so some of the coaches can analyze his mechanics. As for the knuckle curve, he’s 13 and honestly that’s kind of young to be throwing curves in general. I’d just stick with a 4 seam, 2 seam, and change up for now.


“Tom, I throw harder when lift my leg higher…”
-Nolan Ryan



It looks decent to me, I’m just a kid though so don’t take that too seriously. let one of the coaches decide. His mechanics are pretty similar to Drew Pomeranz of the Boston Red Sox and if you made it to the show I don’t think there’s anything wrong. https://youtu.be/T27XoZIEisY


Additionally he had an issue this year. His hips were rotating his leg lift past the plane of his plant leg. In this case the left hand pitcher must go home with the pitch. Why is that even a rule? I understand if its the same motion whether he is throwing to pick off a kid or throwing home, why does it matter how far he contorts his hips in relation to a balk.


I think he looks pretty good. The only question I would have is…is the coach referring to the big leg lift from the stretch? A big leg lift makes it easier to run on. Does he have a slide step? I would not rework the mechanics as they seem pretty good…from what you can see on the video. What is the coaches background to be advocating a mechanical overhaul? As far as the balk…the rule is pretty clear…if his foot crosses the plane…he has to go to the plate.


He does have a slide step, we really need to build some strength, he does seem to lose a little velocity and movement when he does not leg kick. The coaches all played college ball, 1 was an LHP.
Question: Should I exclude right hand pitching instructors and seek out only lefties for instruction, I think it makes a difference others disagree.


Because of the pick off rules for operating from the stretch that a player must step directly toward the base he intends to throw toward. Lefties already get a huge advantage by having 45 degrees of wiggle room on the front side of the rubber. If he rotates beyond the back of the rubber and is still allowed to throw over, it’s deceptive to the runners, which is the entire reason for balk rules in the first place. The runner needs a reasonable chance to discern whether or not the pitcher is going to the plate or attempting a pick off.


I don’t think it matters as much as you may think. I think it’s more important to find a coach your player can work with and that has the right attitude toward developing your player.


Understood, thanks