What happened to the Chicago White Sox?

Last year and the year before the White Sox were a Dominant team that could beat any team at any given time. All the sudden they are in last and were just swept by the BoSox allowing 46 runs in the series. Is it the bad OBP, bad average, bad pitching or do they just plain suck. What happened to them?

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Ok Geraldine…

On this date in 2011, the ChiSox were in the basement of the American League Central with an 8 and 14 record! In 2010? The Royals only stunk worse…the ChiSox were 7 - 11. Complete and utter bull crap Geraldine.

Nobody ever loses all their games although the Pittsburgh Pirates are almost a statistical lock to be losers at any given point during the season but guaranteed losers at the end! Even they could beat any team at any given time. More bull crap Geraldine.

The Chisox are [quote]all the sudden[/quote] in first place in the American League Central. Another cow patty Geraldine.

The Chisox haven’t met the BoSox yet this year and the way things are going the BoSox might show up without a manager. Be careful don’t step in the cow crap.

I don’t know what’s happened to the ChiSox but I know it’s not them that is doing the sucking.

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I am amazed that you guys took this seriously.