What happened to futureKazmir?


Did anyone notice his posts now show up as guests? Anyone know why he deleted his account? :?


He left like three months ago or something. Just chil


I am very chill… 8)

I guess I didn’t notice until just now that his posts were set as “guests”.


lol, I asked the same thing about 2 months ago and had some people to tell me to “chill” too.

I gathered that he left, and said something to the effect of, “the posts on this site are unintelligent,” but IDK.

There are some people on this site that don’t mind talking about it and could probably give you a better idea.


I talked to him on YouTube a few days ago. I was actually pretty good pals with him, I’m guessing someone disagreed with him and he got pissed. He did similar things before where he would change his name because he was upset with someone disagreeing and didn’t want to look stupid so he’d change his name hoping nobody would recognize him and then switch back after a few weeks.


hes a drama queen thats what happened. He got pissed off about someone telling him he was wrong and threw a hissy fit. Everyone says “chill” cause its apparently a touchy subject? I donno but either way, theres less drama and more manliness in the forums now. Hope that sums it up!!


Haha thanks for clearing that up.


Sort of what I was saying.


Sort of what I was saying.[/quote]

lol well yeah just wanted to make it clear haha


Well he just read it apparently and now he’s bitching to me on youtube.


Since I know you’re going to read this Kaz.
I’m not talking behind your back if you’re reading it. How about, instead of discontinuing your posts you deleted your account, how about the fact that every time you changed your name it was right after you had an argument?

Look we all have our faults, you’re certainly entitled to yours but don’t tell me what to think and question it, perhaps there isn’t empirical evidence (after all what is empirical about the human mind?) but it’s a rational thing, you’re getting that defensive about it only implies it even more.