What happend?!

My junior year my fastball was fast and electric. It was my first year EVER pitching. This whole offseason I worked my butt off and I know I got stronger. But my fastball is like 4-5 mph slower than it was last year! Does anyone have any ideas on how to regain it? or what I could be doing wrong.

Things happen…You could be musclin up, could have over-worked an area, the biggest thing is relax, have fun. When you try to power pitch many times it does nothing good and takes speed. Try to be relaxed, be loose. If anything work on throwing effortlessly. As a jr you were just goin out there and letting it go…
Try not to freak…
You have time :wink:

You just described my senior year in college. Was a 12th round draft pick as a junior and returned to school my senior in the hopes of improving, throwing harder, and holding out for HUGE money.

Didn’t happen.

Lost 4-5 mph.

Was lucky to be an 18th round pick by the Cubs my senior year.

But then here’s what happened: Within 3 weeks of being drafted and reporting to the Cubs training facility, I had regained my velocity and was better than ever.

The next year, I was throwing 95-96 and on the fast track as a closer (before an injury ended it altogether).

For me, it was just a mechanical adjustment … but I just didn’t see it. And my coaches didn’t see it. But I NEVER gave up. I hope you don’t either. This is a time to work harder than ever.

Post some video. Let’s get some discussion around what you can do. You’ll come back stronger because of it.

Steven Ellis I do not plan on giving up at all. I am going to get some video of my mechanics on here and maybe you guys can better me and help me regain my velocity. Thank you