What grips do u use

hi im a left handed pithcher who throws both types of fastballs a change and a nasty 10-4 curve. but im looking into adding at least 1 if not 2 more pitches into my arsonal. im thinking about throwing a slider and or a sinker but im open to sugestions. any ideas :?:

How old are you?

Most people on this forum would probably agree with me when I say that you already have plenty of pitches in your arsenal. You are probably far from perfecting them as well. Can you throw all of your pitches with pin point accuracy? Until you can I suggest you work on them.

A low and away change up can be dangerous but can you spot it there when you need to?

Now IF you can throw all of your pitches with pin point accuracy then I seriously doubt you need to add anymore pitches.

thanks I can throw all my pitches with modest accuracy but your right I will work on getting that change up low because a high change up is enough to get a hitter to salivate. Oh by the way im going on 14 years old :smiley:


That might help.

thanks it would help but my computer wont let me see any pics :cry:

10 to 4 curve? sounds like a new pitch to you if 10 to 4 is the best movement you can get you should probably work on the pitch a little more in my opinion

dont know how old but you got a lot of pitches. by the way the 10-4 curve. that aint a curve. thats a slurve. but scouts look for a true curve or slider.