What field do you hit to

When I always get the big hits it always seems to go to right-center or once in a awhile left-center. Which field do you hit to.

The infield… haha I haven’t hit in nearly 2 years unless you count my 4 AB and 2 walks from last summer.

wow your the best hitter of all time …you are officially my idol maybe I should change my name to futureSpencer Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

That a boy Kazmir. Way to be funny. Oh dang dude. Funny.

Nice edit

It’s kind of ridiculous how the only place pitchers bat is The NL AA, AAA, and majors.

my always goes dead center unless i pull it down the right field line

I really only pull the ball or at the most hit it dead center. Sometimes Ill hit bloopers to right, but if its on the outside corner and I hit it chances are its a blooper for an out.

left center and deep

oppo… cause its the easiest to do… especially if ur a slob, even though Im not… but hit it where it came from. if its right down the pipe… hit it to center… if its outside take it oppo. and if its inside… pull that ish down the line