What exercises?

I need to know how many of what excercises i need to do to get at least a four pack like how many sit ups a day i need to do and what i should do i know this is like the 5th time ive posted something like this but it is summer and you usually don’t wear shirts to swimming pools :mrgreen:

Getting a six or four pack requires getting your body fat into single digits. I think you said you were 12-13 right? If so, dont worry about it. You need tons of calories to keep growing.

i haven’t seen too many 12 year olds with 6 packs except for lil hercules and i think his dad gave him steroids

to get your bodyfat down just simply clean up your diet and do a good bit of cardio (running, riding a bike, playing a basketball game, etc)

granted the ladies love the six pack but if you are playing ball this summer you better not worry about that. You need a little fat on you for your body to have additional fuel. a good body fat for ball players is 9%-11% you still will see some abbs if you flex and you will be in good shape for ball. don’t worry ladies sometimes like a little extra baggage anyway but don’t go all spare tire on us.