What exercises can I do without a shoulder?

Hey, so I had surgery done on my pitching shoulder about 4 weeks ago. I worked hard over the winter to go from 183 lbs to 196, so the fact that I’m back down to 189 lbs is bothering me.

This past week I’ve been doing nothing but riding the exercise bike, doing the stair master, and some body weight squats and lunges(with some variations of each). I’ve tried some machines(i.e. leg extensions/curls) but, without my right arm I’m favoring my left side so I have no support/push from my right leg.

So what can I do? I mean as far as I can tell, I’m limited to what workouts I can do.

P.S. As of now it’s lift day(squats, lunges, etc) followed by a cardio day(bike and stairs) and just keep repeating that since daily workouts have become mandatory.

Anyway, thanks for any help.

Some leg exercises I feel have benefited my pitching are:

Flutter kicks:
From my time as a swimmer in the military, I have done thousands of these. They are absolutely the best way to strengthen your front side hip flexors and will improve your overall core strength.

Single leg squats:
Single leg squats, while extending the non-working leg has helped my balance and, if you really concentrate on slow and controlled movements, you’ll increase your front leg bracing and back leg drive.

Calf raises:
Complete sets with toes pointed straight ahead, turned in, and turned out. Strengthening your calves and upper ankles will help keep your back foot firmly planted and improve your ability to turn it over quickly to start the firing of your hips.

These are just a few calisthenics that you can work on to improve your leg strength without utilizing your upper body. Best of luck on your recovery!