What Excercises Build Lower Leg Strenght?

I really need a lower leg exercise because I do squats and burpees and such but it doesn’t help my lower legs. What can I do? Also, what exercise build strength in your um… back lower hip area :lol: ?

My Fav’s are lunges and one legged squats or even step ups with a high step.

My fav Plyo’s are:

Box jumps
Scissor Lunges

just a very SMALL sample of some things i can think of right now.

Thanks because I’m building a muscle toning, endurance building workout that so far looks like this:

HIIT Sprinting.

Tabata style intervals which include: pushups, hindu squats, bicycle crunchs, and burpees.

However, I feel I need a little more plyo stuff or core defining stuff. Next will come strenth building stuff.