What does the road look like for a returning player?

I started playing baseball at 6 years old and played continuously until 14 years old. I stopped playing when I entered high school for personal reasons and not for a lack of love for the game.

I’m 19 going on 20 now, so I haven’t played in 6-7 years, but over the past couple of months I just started playing catch with some buddies again, shagging fly balls, taking infield practice, and the usual and it really doesn’t feel like I’ve missed a beat. I was a pitcher when I played and I would like to get back into pitching, but first I would like to know more about the road ahead.

If I were to privately build up to a decent level of pitching, what is the natural course of action for someone in my position? My goal is to make it to the minors - what is the most realistic way of getting there?

Thanks in advance for your help.

At 20 years old you would have to train your ass off in an effort to maximize velocity first and foremost. Could try to latch on at a JC for a year or two.
To make it to the minors you would have to have some asset that is remarkable, not a decent level of pitching. Velocity would be the most obvious.
You don’t need to throw super hard to play college baseball, but, you do to be considered getting drafted. If you haven’t been playing then the velocity level would have to be extraordinary…like mid 90’s. Outside of that start training now, work super hard and see if you can latch on at a school. No idea if you are going to school already or not. If you are going to play at a JC that means being a full time student, so, that would mean changing your whole life set up if you are not a student now.