What does rotation mean?

What does rotation mean? I hear people say that his rotation is 90% of his stride lenght, but what does that mean?

Any chance you could clarify this question with more detail to make it easier for us to help?

there are a lot of different types of rotation in the delivery…hips, torso, shoulders, arm (external rotation)

there is this thing that Tom House put in a book I read about late torso rotation…one of his examples is greg maddux… he rotates his torso when the middle of his body is about 80-85 percent of his stride length.

so if a pitcher’s stride length is 6 ft and they rotate their torso when they are 85% into their total stride length then their torso would rotate when it’s 5.1 feet away from the rubber…85% of 6 ft = 5.1 ft.

Top Flight Pitchers only deliver their pitch when their Core moves to a 90 degree angle to the ground.

You’ll use your Hip rotation in one of 2 ways …

    1. To bring your Core to vertical to deliver your pitch …
    In this instance, some Hand and/or Leg movement causes your Core to tilt. As you complete your motion, you instinctively use your Hip rotation to bring your Core vertical to the ground. Since your motion contains a disconnect between your Lower and Upper Body, your Arm Slot moves down and becomes less than productive. To pound the glove, you’re forced to “feel” your motion. You experience an excellent outing maybe 1 out of every 5 outings.
    2. To drive your Upper Body into a naturally productive, totally consistent Arm Slot …
    In this case, you Hand and Leg actions allow you to keep your Core vertical throughout your motion. Without needing to make any Core adjustments, at your Foot Strike, your Hip rotation drives all the energy stored in your Lower Body into your Shoulder rotation and through a naturally, productive release point. Every outing is an effective outing.
Pitchers whose Hand and/or Leg movements cause their Core to tilt use their Hip rotation to bring their Core to vertical and then rotate their Shoulders which rotates their Torso.

Pitchers who know “how to” keep their Core vertical throughout their motion rotate their Shoulders milli-seconds after their Hips fire.

The Hand and/or Leg movements needed to synchronize your motion and keep your Core vertical throughout your motion are very teachable skills. I recommend you locate an Pitching Coach well versed in Kinetic Pitching Chains to show you “how to” keep your Core vertical throughout your motion and limit the time differential between your Lower/Upper Body rotations.

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Does anyone care to expound on point number two, especially the hand and arm actions mentioned?