What does it take?

what does it take to get a baseball scholarship to D1? and then to go pro?
please be honest.
I am looking for answers because since i got this arm injury everyone well mostly everyone think my pitching days are over and that i have no chance to make it anymore. I want to prove everyone wrong that doubted me and i am against all odds.
Im willing to bust my butt to do whatever it takes.
So again what does it take


that helps.

I don’t know since I haven’t gotten a D1 scholarship. I think natural talent is important - but hard work and drive is probably just as important in developing talent. My pitching coach says pitching is a craft & requires most people to work at it. I know working at it doesn’t guarantee D1 - but it might get you a little closer to what you want. I guess I believe this since I don’t have an unusal amount of natural talent - I don’t throw the ball harder than my teammates - but… by working harder I have learned to throw more strikes with different pitches and started locating pitches better. I am not a Lincecum, Ryan, or Glavine - but sometimes you have to believe things that aren’t yet true.

I was only being half serious with my answer, but talent is definitely key. Of course you’ll have to work hard and get good grades, have a certain fastball velocity to get seen, develop a strong offspeed pitch and/or change up. I think there is a sticky on this in the college section.

The number one thing though: being good at baseball and standing out amongst your peers.

First of all, get good grades. Second of all, have talent and potential. Third of all, work hard and hustle. Fourth of all, catch some lucky breaks.

well said… and stay out of trouble!