What does it take

what does it take to play college ball, what kind of skill do you need to be able to fool a college hitter, or to overpower him? also, for a leftie, is it better to be a high velocity pitcher, or a pitcher who can hit his spots and fool batters?

Is it very hard to overpower a college hitter. There are guys that routinely throw in the 90s so the betters are very good. We got guys that throw in the low-80s here that fool batters so I guess its good to be a combination of both. Most of your typical D1 pitchers will throw in the mid-80s some in the upper-80 and few in the 90+ area. Most of our team sits in the 84-87 range. We have maybe 3 guys on the pitching staff that can HIT 92+ very rarely do you see a guy routinely throw this (there are the exceptions). Its very important here that you hit your spots when you throw, because when you miss these are big boys with aluminum bats and baseballs go a LONG LONG way :o

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This is the stuff I got from the UK head coach (John Cohen)
for backround he coached at Florida and on team USA

To begin he really stressed SEC was at a level above most college baseball
(I disagree, but it’s interesting the SEC has won 75% of CWS games in the last decade)

Anyways here’s the numbers if I remember right:

Average SEC pitcher is between 86-87 (lefty don’t have to be quite as hard)
has to have atleast 2 pitches 3’s probably better
The “tools” were (not this order) velocity, movement, command, controlled emotion, & heart

Big thing is with aluminum bats, it’s hard to jam someone, that being said, 95 jumps of the bat a lot, lot harder than 75.

Average position player runs:

7 flat 60yd

(I think) 4.4 or 4.2 from home to first

I was really surprised I thought the numbers were a lot higher, and such.
Definately something that isn’t easy but I felt like it’s more attainable than I originally thought.

Granted I’m a HS freshman but those are the numbers and the impression I got.

No matter where you go, college baseball was good. SEC is good yes, here are the conference power rankings from last year.

2 Big 12
3 Pac 10
4 Big West
10 Big Ten
11 Southern
12 Atlantic Sun
13 Big South
14 Sun Belt
15 Big East
16 Southland
17 MAC
18 CAA
19 Independents
20 Mountain West
21 Horizon
22 OVC
23 Atlantic 10
24 America East
25 Patriot
26 Mid-Continent
27 Ivy
30 NEC

Based on what I have seen I would agree with you on the MPH and speed of the runners, the one thing that is the biggest difference with HS and college pitchers is COMMAND. Most pitchers have very good command their pitches and I feel to a certain degree that it offsets the aluminum bats a little bit. As a pitcher you cannot be afraid to throw any pitch in any count, I have thrown more 3-2 curveballs than I ever thought I would have thrown. I would say the 60-yd time might be a little faster than that, we have about 4 guys that run under a 6.6 60yd dash.

Our fastest guy ran it 6.32 and 6.36 :shock: