What does it take to get a college scholorship?

Okay, so basically what i’m asking here is will I be able to get a college scholorship, preferably D1 if I can… so im projecting to my senior year a bit here because im a sophmore right now, but as a pitcher… pitch on varsity for 2 years at a 5A big Texas high school, topping out at 92 with a sinker as my main pitch that goes around 88, with a well above average slider, a forkball that is pretty good and an average curveball? I’ll be about 5’10 righty and plan on keeping my self around 180- 200 pounds?

A 90 fastball, command of a second pitch and success at the highest level of high school baseball in the country are all working in your favor.

if everything your saying is true…then you shouldn’t have too hard of a time getting D1 looks. it sounds like you have the physical ability. just be sure to keep your arm healthy and definately definately keep your grades up. also be sure to try and get yourself out there. go to showcases, email coaches, etc. i’m also a sophomore and i go to showcases just to get my name out there. it’s a good idea to try and get ahead of the game…the sooner you start TRYING to get noticed the better.

but just keep up the good work and keep improving over your next two years in HS.
P.S. does your coach keep your stats on MaxPreps?

and alot of luck. right place at the right time.

thats very true. a kid from my team last year played in a game where a Mighigan State scout was…he went 4-4 with a homerun a double and two singles. he also made a few great defensive plays. it was his best game of the year by far. he’s now a redshirt at Michigan State

really you dont need to focus on throwing 90. focus on throwing 3 quality pitches for strikes with at least an 84 mph fastball. i’ve seen many succeed with that repetoire.

Remember, the key is to keep the fastball low and to change speeds.

thanks a lot guys, right now im still not at the shape i was in before i hurt my back(2 stress fractures at the beginning of freshman year) but my goal is to get back to that and better this summer. Im still currently topping out around low 80’s but its a sinker so yeah, im just trying to keep it low and mix speeds

LSU will probably be interested in you with that kind of stuff. Goodluck!

Dont forget good grades!

A 3.75 GPA and a 30 on you ACT will get you a full ride at most schools. Getting a pure baseball scholarship is much more difficult. Talk to most baseball coaches and they will tell you the same thing. Get an academic scholarship - it will give you way more opportuniites then an athletic scholarship.