What do you think?

Hey guys.

Season started. had 2 games 1 win 1 lose.

anyways. im 19 now and as for my fastball isnt that great( i’m guessing its around 75 mph ish) i added another pitch to my arsenal. i already have a great curve and slider good command good speed. now ivebeen working oin a split finger fastball, seems to work fine. u think i should work on that splitfinger more. or on my speed. since i never really worked out to gain MPH . not sure what to do



u need velocity…your goal should be to throw at least 85mph

I agree with Jake, If your speed is too low most colleges will not look at you. If you have never worked on velocity the time now! Ian.

For Pro try outs, the speed on the jugs gun is even mor pronounced: 88 for righties and 85 for lefties and that is just to get on the field.

Only exception is knuckleball pitchers but that is whole different skill set and you are not throwing one. Ian


thanks guys:)

Im not sure abt my velo anyways. just guessing :slight_smile:

its somewhat strange cuz, I Tried to calculate my mph on a video, but well it ended up on 85 mph max. prolly wrong calculation altho sum ppl say i touch low mid 80’s. others say i am mid 70’s

its just hard to get a gun on you in the Netherlands :P!!