what do you think?

what do you think is the best age to start throwing pitches like the curveball…

age 15 throw about 10-11 a game
age 16 throw about 10-12 a game
age 17 start to throw more

Im 15 and I try not to pull down hard at all and use it as a show me pitch so I can save the arm.

There’s not really a true answer to this.

A will say the longer you wait to throw it consistently the better potential you have to throw harder in the long run.

It’s all about your physical maturity not your actual age.

At 16 years old my growth plates were still slightly open. That’s not an ideal situation to be throwing the curve, although admittedly I through quite a few of them.

I have friends that haven’t grown an inch since they were 13, they’re growth plates have been long closed and wouldn’t be nearly as affected by throwing a lot of curves.

I believe that thrown correctly, and not in excess, any age can throw the curveball. I am 14, still growing, but out of 100 pitches, I will use 15-20 curveballs because I have very good curveball mechanics due to being taught it correctly.

A guy like Barry Zito has been throwing his curve since he was 7, because his mechanics with it are near perfect.

Lincecum also has thrown his since he was 8 years old I have read, and he throws a hard tight one where he really yanks down on the ball.

Phyisical Anomonalies? Maybe, but I tend to think that there is no pitch that can single handedly destroy your arm if thrown correctly. People seem to forget that improper fastball mechanics can ruin your arm even quicker than a curveball, because of the intense pronation of the forearm and intense internal rotation of the shoulder.