WHAT DO YOU THINK???????????

i need help!on gaining speed!
what do you think i should work on it!? :?:


Overall from what I could see in your video things look pretty good.
It was a bit difficult to slow down and see your arm action with the windbreaker on. looks like it was cold and wet outside.

I like your knee lift, stride length and hip action especially on the first pitch. Check your hip and shoulder separation, maybe hold back your shoulder turn a bit longer and check your elbow to shoulder height as you go from full external rotation to inernal rotation. Again hard to be sure with the windbreaker on.

At release do you feel like your body is fully behind the baseball or do you feel like your upper body is leading the way?

Hi Alex:
You know gaining speed is to keep throwing every day. You might want to jump into the Steven Ellis “Blog” and hunt up Jerry Kerber who’s had success with a weighted ball program. You may be able to down load it. And dont forget Setven Ellis either, he’s got a great long toss and weighted ball program you can print out .
If you REALLY want something GREAT, Get Steven Ellis’s book “Tuff Cuff”.
I got it and I can tell you, I’ve seen a lot of trainingprogram’s but NONE as good as Tuff Cuff. It costs $65 bucks but lets face it , it’s cheaper than buying a good bat or glove now-a-days. And Tuff Cuff training is lifetime,you cant go wrong there. Check it out and good luck.

I think you have room to improve your mechanics and get a little bit of velocity improvement. I agree with tfree that you get your head and shoulders out front a bit too much. That makes it more difficult to get everything out of your body. I also agree that you don’t get much hip and shoulder separation. But rather than simply trying to keep your shoulders closed longer, what I would suggest is leading your stride with your front hip a bit longer. Head and shoulders should stay slightly behind the front hip into foot plant. This will keep your hips and shoulders closed a bit longer and set you up for more explosive hip rotation as well as letting the shoulders stay closed a bit longer. Also, it’s tough to tell from the side but it kind of looks like you tilt your head to the glove side a bit and that can have he effect of pulling the shoulders around sooner than we want.

So, lead with the front hip a bit longer through your stride and keep the head upright through release.

Hi Alex,

I would agree with Roger’s suggestions, and would just add one more thing. During the arm separation, try to go down with your left leg, before you go forward. This way, you will make harder push with you balance leg, which will give you more forward momentum (yours is already pretty good), and also help lead you stride with the hip, and stay closed longer at the same time.
Additionaly, try to make you stride longer and be more agressive.

I think this will help.