What do you think of this guy?

His delivery is “explosive” but I know of a few scouts who wouldn’t risk on such jerky movements.

I shared a AIM conversation with him a few months ago, where he preached concepts and gains I didn’t believe:

He does not long-toss.
His only throwing consists of 100% bullpens once a week.
He believes in 1RM training (only) in the 4 main compound lifts twice a week.
Claims to have gained 12 mph in 4 weeks at the age of 21. Dismisses possibility of a maturity increase because of age.

What do you think?

Control is an issue?

Sounds like a Dick Mills enthusiast.

I wonder how old this guy really is. The factg that he dismisses the possibility of maturing as a pitcher leads me to believe that he’s a kid who thinks he knows it all. He doesn’t do this, he doesn’t do that, he doesn’t this and he doesn’t that, so what does he do? :roll:

I may be mistaken but i think he may have meant he dismissed the velocity increase due to maturing “getting your man muscles” because he is already 21…

Could be wrong though

I love his motion. I can see why he throws hard.

The youngster in the second video needs a haircut, other than that, he’s quick - I’ll give him that.

I’ll assume that the second video is the “after”. I’ll also assume that I’m looking at the same pitcher.

In the second video he is a little bigger upper body wise, at least that’s what I see. And by all accounts, I think the objective of this review is to give some sort of opinion on the finished product - second video.

For what it’s worth:

I see high maintenance issues later on - shoulders/neck
I see a lot of wasted motion going up, instead of forward.
I see a predictable pitcher who’ll get hit, and hit often, after one inning.
I see a very limited inventory based on a limited foundation - quickness.
( I can expand on that last observation in more detail if you’d like.)
I see in the first video someone marking off a place on the stride. Then, the second video doesn’t reference that attention getter. Not that I could see from the angle and view of the camera.
I as a pitching coach could work with the very first youngster and develop a program guy. The second video shows me a youngster that’s pretty much set in concrete with how and whatever he’s trying to do.

Now I’m not saying that I haven’t worked with pitchers, like in the second video, in fact I have. Their problem was always one of sustained energy. After a few batters, their predictability was a given, their energy level diminished over time (eight batters on average), and their control left a lot to be desired. To make matters even worse, after one or two showings, the scouting usually had these guys pegged.

Coach B.