What do you think of the my son's pitching mechanics

I know its not the best view to do Video Analysis please share you points good or bad.


Cant really see much but the kid knows how to pitch.

Thanks 4pie he has grown so much since last year at this time. He hit 78.4 on the fast ball and 69.8 on the curve. That is 10-12 mph better than last year. I don’t want to mess with him to much do to his comamad of the strike zone. Just was thinking he could go towards home more but I don’t want to over think because of the succcess he is having at this point.

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Would you mind telling us his age? I love the arm action, very efficient. No really, if anything needs to be fine tuned, it would be in the “off season” or if he starts getting in trouble often. Remember that no matter how much a coach or a dad believes in a player, you can’t go any further than the kid’s will.

Great curveball, i would have loved to meet him in real life, I have taught some pretty successful circle change up to some pitchers with similar delivery to the point where one of them literally stopped throwing breaking balls and went fastball-changeup right until second year of Junior AA.
Does he throw one?

Evan is 13 and 7 months and going into 8th grade. We live in South Florida so our break has just begun. During the fall of 17 we are going to start working on a change up again, it has been three seasons of trying and this off season I would like to get him more focused on developing a change up. He does not throw a change up in games. 4 seam, 2 seam and curve. Evan has had a hard time coming up with a grip that feels right and most of the time his change is to fast and we stop working on it. He has never got a feel for the circle change and this may be do to the fact of not practicing/ throwing it enough to get the feel. If you have any suggestions on the circle change/up or a change up it would be appreciated.

I always had a hard time explaining online, but i found these 2 gems on YouTube a while ago that really explains 2 different approach to the change up by 2 of the best EVER

Sometimes, hearing the best explain their ideas can light a candle in there.


Looks like his stride is short. Hard to tell from that angle but there is not a lot of power being generated from the lower half. It looks like it’s all arm…which is concerning. Good luck! He has decent movement for sure.

The angle is tough. I don’t think its all arm. I thought the arm action/path was good. He just started a weight/velocity program to get stronger hopefully this will help.

From a hitters perspective, his stride is clearly shorter and less aggressive on his curve ball. Maybe he’s too focused on the snapping down or shorter arm action of a curveball. Good hitters that see him enough will start to pick this up. Without a good change up it might be hard to keep them off balance. At just under 14 tho he looks good and has tons of room to grow. Also make sure he isn’t over gripping his fastballs, esp the 4 seamer. This can reduce velocity and might explain why there’s not much disparity btn his fastballs and chg up.

Thanks a lot your points are spot on.

From the angle we have I see he is falling hard to the left after he release the baseball. Why is this an issue? Well he twists his left shoulder towards first base rather than taking his momentum straight to the target and cut the release point off by almost a foot! Here’s the scary part, he is throwing across his upper body losing hard fought momentum as the left shoulder flies toward first base. Does he throw hard, probably but not very long till his shoulder needs repairs or worse. Very fixable if you have the right instructor for the job.