What do you think of Nolan Ryan's Pitcher's Bible book?

I was thinking about getting it so i’m just wondering if its worth it to get for the workouts and every thing it has to offer.

I would say that you could likely find something more current with more efficient workouts. Tuff Cuff or any of houses recent works, Wolforth…

Didn’t know Nolan Ryan had a book. I might look into it

Before doing anything else you should take a moment to consider the type of pitcher you are. Nolan Ryan was a power pitcher, pure and simple, and some of the things he did that worked for him might not work as well for a finesse pitcher. If you decide to acquire this book you should read it carefully and do some “cherry-picking”—find some things you can work with. There are bound to be a few. If not—there are, of course, other sources to look into. 8)

Ya I planned on picking and choosing certain things. I own the Tuff Cuff so thats gonna be my work out plan. But i’m interested in what Nolan used to mentally prep himself and his teaching of mechanics and other things in there. Looks like a good choice.

Wow! That was the first pitching book I read all of the way through when I was in High School in the early 90’s. I love the book but, of course, there are better pitching books and DVD’s on the market. My advice would be to get it anyway and soak up as much knowledge as you can from it. He does also talk about mental preparation and it’s always good to hear from the best about what they do.
I also like that it is an easy read, (1 hour maybe) has some very simple yet effective workouts for shoulder and rotator cuff etc. I just like anything from Nolan Ryan. lol

check on the barnes and noble used book list. you can probably get it for next to nothing. good book. one of my keepers

I’ve read it, of course it’s a little dated because it was published a long time ago. It’s always interesting to hear what Nolan Ryan has to say about something. I think you can get a used copy off Amazon for $1-$3.