What do you look for in hitters?

I’m currently pitching at the high school level, and i was just wondering…what do you guys look for in hitters when you catch a glance of them hitting bp or what not, that you can easily tell a weakness that will give you an edge on the mound. I’m sure as the level gets higher, it will be harder to locate these flaws in a hitter, but just some easy things. Anything will be appreciated, thanks.

Watch the length of their swing. Watch their front foot, if it opens towards 3rd base they cant hit the outside pitch. If they have an open stance, watch their front foot even more. Make sure their back foot turns (highly uncommon for someone not to), if they do, throw inside. If they have a closed stance, throw inside.

If they shift their wieght onto the front foot bust them in on the hands. If they keep the wieght strictly on the back foot then keep it low and away. Players with long loopy swings, throw hard stuff inside, no off speed out over the plate. As Jacobs said watch that front foot. If they step into the ball, throw inside. The opposite for hitters who step in the bucket.

mostly arm length. usually the longer the arms, the slower the swing, and the easier it is to jam them inside

Watch them as they walk up to the plate, just stare, look at how they hold themselves, are they cocky?(if so, get a strike on’em then buzz one by their hands). Do they look squemish? (blow’em away with the first pitch)

Other than that, look at the foot placement, weight distribution, arm length, hand placement, hip rotation, and much more.

Of course, if you find a weakness, or at least what you think is a weakness, give them the stare, you know the stare, the one that makes the hitter think “oh $h!t” and attack the weakness!

Size, confidence, feet stance, weight distibution, swing length, timing, and most importantly thier patience or knowing there zone. If a hitter is big and can time a ball well it doesnt mean he knows where the outside of his plate is. I could give you a free strike here and there and gt them to ajdust to the outside pitch. then send one inside.