What do you guys think?

As of two weeks ago I found out how hard I really do throw

Fastball consistantly 80-81 mph

Circle change consistantly 72-73 mph

curveball consistantly 67-70 mph

I plan on attending a local community college to play ball to see how i develop.My goal is to be throwing consistantly mid 80s by next high school season which will be my last season. I strongly believe that I can reach that speed even with my size 5’10. I have some mechanical issues which i will work on in the offseason. Along with following the tuffcuff training mannual. So what do you guys think? Have I got a good chance?

If you put your mind to it I’m sure you can easily achieve that. Believe in yourself and work hard you can do it.

Have you posted a video here of you pitching? If you haven’t see if that’s a possibility we can help you with all your mechanical issues. So you have TuffCuff? I made an index for TuffCuff to help you find the workouts easier if you want it I can send it to you via E-mail.

no thanx I have had the mannual since it first came out so i know it in and out but thanx for the other and your opinion

I say you have a great chance if you work at it and really want it.