What do you guys think?

I know you can’t see my form, but Those 2 pitches were my best from the day. I had no release point today. No mound is tough because I fall with my hips leading and that gives me more overall torque and I feel like I can snap my pitches harder.

FB full speed
FB Slow Mo
Curve full speed
Curve Slow Mo
FB then Curve Back to Back

Hows it look?

Just posting for fun. I love this community. I know its the same clips over and over, but they were my only good pitches today lol. The others were so so.

Edit: we played a team pitch baseball game. former highschool/college players and a bunch of random friends… It was fun as heck. Cause all the big hitters took it to the fence soo many times. And a TON of errors too hahahah. we lost 20-21 in the btm of the 9th. Homerun into the far tennis courts… and i mean FAR. 3 runs went in. with 2 outs. It was an epicly hilarious streetball game.

Well it’s kinda hard to see from that angle and contrast. How about some from the side and the back. I think we would like to comment on those instead.

i agree. take it from behind you or behind the catcher so we can see it in batters view.

Yeah sorry, we have a hard time setting up cameras. Mostly because there’s nothing to set them up with. These two pitches i aimed them in the same spot. First was high inside. Then The curve was going high inside ended up low and in a little. I can see the break cause i had this long video of all my bad curve balls lol.