What do you get angry over?

Kind of wanted to know what some of the things that just drive you guys nuts on the mound and what you do after they happen.


  1. A clean single, somewhat mad (depends if its a good or bad pitch. Good, tip my cap. Bad say a word or two to my glove.)
  2. well hit extra base hit or home run (somewhat angry, maybe squeeze new ball really hard for a little while, perhaps have a “conversation” with my glove)
  3. cheap little hit or blooper (not so much mad that I gave up a hit, just that the guy got lucky.) I mean think about it, you make a good pitch and it just barely squeaks out of the infield. Especially when there is a runner on second and the guys scores. I really lose it when the hitter acts all cocky like he is so good. Its like you stuck the bat head out and barely nicked the curve that was headed for the dirt. I will often kneel by mound for a second and take a deep breath or two

When I throw a really good pitch and the guy at the plate somehow gets a hit. There was one time this year when I threw a really good curve that started at the guys chest and ended up at his ankles and he swung like a golf club and crushed it over the left field fence. Then the next kid up to bat hit a curve that was way out of the zone when I tried to get him to chase it and he somehow hit an oppo homer. And their team was so cocky about it but the fences at the field we were playing at weren’t even 300 feet.

What used to get me in my playing days was RAIN. Here I was, all set to get out there and pitch, and the rain would come and it wouldn’t stop. I still get thoroughly ticked off when I want to watch a particular major league game and it gets rained out—grrrr! Oh, I know we need the rain, but does it have to come just now? :x

That’s like this year I had my last 3 starts of the year get rained out and I ended up going 1-2 but my coach said if I got another win or 2 I could possibly make all conference and since I didn’t get to pitch those games I didn’t have a chance to make all conference. :frowning:

honestly the only time i get angry, is when my team makes two or three errors in a row.

if the hit a single, power to them. it means your throwing strikes.

if they get an extra base hit, tip your cap, they smoked it, and that happens.

a bloop single? next time when they line one at your shortstop, understand its the baseball gods way of saying, all is even in the world.

but even on errors, you need to maintain a good composure. if the other team sees you all angry and swearing into your glove, you might

A. get sloppy in your mechanics.
B. over throw, and get wild.

the mental aspect of pitching is so overwhelming, that you can be dominant, but lose your head, and get lit up by opposing hitters.