What do you do after pitching to aid in recovery?

I’m interested in seeing what everybody does.

I usually run 2-5 miles depending on how much time I have, eat a banana, take 2 advil depending on how sore I am, do some arm circles and tubing exercises. Next day I usually rest or do light throwing.

I’m a coach - not a pitcher. The “Run/Stretch” optiion is a good one although any form of light cardio - including exercise bike, treadmill, etc. works.

One option you didn’t include in your list was “nutrition”.

Cuff work and two advil the night of.

25 minute jog the next morning, accompanied with a light total body workout and a little more than a light throwing session.

Day 2 - Side session, Core workout, pnf shoulder training.

Day 3 - Long toss / Sprint work

Day 4 - Light throwing / Sprint work

I do sprints right after I’m done with my outing. Then later that night I do alot of soft tissue work (Foam Rolling). The next day I do a heavy workout with weights in the morning. Then later that night I go for a long run about 4 miles. Also focus alot on the nutrition aspect of recovery. I also do alot of soft tissue work for my shoulder and body during the week. LOTS OF SLEEP!

What affect does running have after your done pitching? Does it get the blood flowing somewhere else than in your arm?

Running gets the blood flowing throughout the entire body including the arm but without further working the arm. More blood flow means more oxygen and other nutrients.

I think that sprints are the best option after a game. Its been studied that blood flow directs itself to the muscles being worked. So if you do light jogging most of your blood flow is going to be to you legs. Now I’m not saying that your arms wont get any blood flow delivered to them because they will, but sprinting is a total body movement. You really have to pump your arms fast to sprint effectively. That means more blood flow through out your body and to your arm.

But the idea is to get more blood to the arms without really working the arm since they already just had a workout.

I would agree that the muscles doing the work extract more from the blood flow than other muscles but I’m not convinced there is more blood flow to the working muscles. Do you have any details on how that would work?

Think about if you isolate your bicep for curls. If you do alot of reps there is going to be alot of blood flow to that area. Same thing in if you pump your arms faster more blood is going to be directed there. This is definitly a touchy sort of topic, but I do believe it that if you work a muscle group more blood is going to be directed there.

Also I dont think doing sprints after a game is really going to affect how your arm is going to feel. If anything it might take stress off of it because sprinting is natural motion and throwing is not. I’m not saying pump your arms like a wild man, just do sprints and pump your arms naturally.

This is what I have always found worked best for me. My arm just always feels better after sprinting in general. I also have tested this on my self. For 2 weeks I did long distance after games, and the other 2 weeks of the month I did sprints after games. My arm always felt better the next day after sprints. Now I know its not a long study and its just me, but it has always helped my recovery to do sprints.