What do you call it?

My mind is blank right not surfing around the internet. What are the things called that you put in your glove to keep its form so it doesn’t collapse or lose shape. I wanna get a couple but I can’t find them on the net lol.

There are various things you can do to preserve the shape of the glove. One of the most obvious is to put a baseball in the pocket of the glove and then fold it over, anchor it in place with a couple of strong rubber bands or something similar, and leave it overnight. As for what to put inside the glove—there are countless stories of what various players have done. There was one catcher, for example, who used to get a pair of “falsies” in a ladies’ lingerie store, then cut off the tips, and what he had was a hunk of sponge rubber, shaped perfectly for the mitt—he said it took up the shock of a pitch better than anything else, and a lot of catchers were using this. No doubt you can think of some other things you can use. 8)

Zita, I think you and I are both showing a sign of just how long we’ve been in this game…

I have a few dozen mitts - each for different situations, and everyone has a layer or two of “falsies”. My wife had to buy them for me …I just did not have the courage to go in “that department” and buy the things myself.

In any event, more then just a few backstops saw what I was doing and asked me where did I purchase the “mitt savers”, as they called it. When I told them what they were … then I told them who bought them for me … the next thing that I heard was … " Ahhh coach … do you thing the next time your Mrs goes to the store … ahhh do you think maybe she could look for … ahhh … you know …"

I’d hesitate just for a few seconds … watching to look on their face… then say … " for you, sure kid." Then, when my Mrs when to the store, I’d hang them on a hook, hanging down in front of their pen with a sales slip, along with a note … DON’T FORGET TO TRY THEM ON BEFORE TAKING THE PRICE TAG OFF … CAN’T RETURN THEM IF THE PRICE TAG IS OFF."

( Sometimes I gave in to the Dark Side of the Force)

Coach B.

I just use the baseball in the glove trick through the winter and in my bag to keep the shape, cheaper and readily available.

properly rolled small towel will do the trick. there is a great book on glove maintenance called a glove affair.

and don’t leave the falsies out in the dugout, the freshmen will pee on them

Found it! Thanks to a buddy of mine :slight_smile: http://www.amazon.com/Markwort-GGPRO1-Glove-Guard-Black/dp/B001UI9YYE/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1295594770&sr=8-2