What do the NPA guyd of these MLB pitchers?

1.) Tim Lincecum

2.) Dice-K

3.) Josh Beckett

maybe im stupid, but… what?

I know we have at least a couple guys on this site who are NPA certified. One is “NPA Pitcher” and I’m not sure but somebody might have said Roger was NPA certified as well. I could be mixing that up though.

do they like/dislike their machanics and why

first of all, if you want people to visit the thread, then at least spell your question right, with good grammar.

“What do the NPA guyd of these MLB pitchers”…are you serious?

I would try PMing Roger and seeing what he says. I’m not sure if he is NPA certified but I’d give it a try. I think that Lincecum and Matsuzaka’s mechanics are generally very well liked by everybody, and there’s not much wrong with Beckett’s motion either except maybe some borderline hyperabduction according to O Leary. Anyway, give him a PM and see what he says.

i think someone pays those guys a ton of money to pitch so they must be prety good. i think beckett is ultra gifted. the guy is stronger than an ox, and has great command of his pitches. strength and command are a great combination.

I would also add that he is the most mentally dominating pitcher in baseball right now…He has an iron will.

Roger is NPA certified and so is Laflippen and NPA pitcher.

Yes, I am NPA-certified.

Lincecum: Gets his hips going early and fast to generate a tremendous amount of momentum and energy. I like that. Has a significant posture issue (tilting his head and torso back towards 1B. I don’t like that - I think this affects his control. I also believe this adds stress to the arm and it may end up leading to injury down the road. (But that’s not a prediction.)

Dice-K: Raises the glove overhead and sort of pauses there. Moves kind of slow getting into knee lift. Also has a small “hitch” in his “giddy-up”. I don’t care much for any of this though I do realize all of this is part of his timing/rhythm. Doesn’t appear to get a lot of hip and shoulder separation. That differs from pitcher to pitcher but could be a glove-side issue with Dice-K. (Tough to tell from the clips on pitchingclips.com which are all from behind) I find nothing special about his mechanics.

Josh Beckett: Overall solid mechanics. No one thing that stands out more than the rest (like Lincecum’s momentum) but everything done very well in a balanced manner. I like that.

Despite my opinions of what I like or don’t like, all of these guys are obviously very successful and their mechanics work well for them. Whether or not someone should try to copy their mechanics is another story.

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