What do politics mean in high school baseball?


I have heard this term many times and I am wondering what it means.


“Politics” can mean a number of things but a lot of times it results in favoritism or other unfairnesses. Does the coach’s kid get more playing time than other players who are as good or better? Does the coach’s kid get to play a preferred position even though the are other better players at that position? Do the kids of those parents who donate the most to the booster club get more playing time than those kids whose parents don’t (or can’t) donate (as much)? Has an issue that occurred outside the school program affected what goes on inside these program? (Maybe some of the players play on opposing club teams one of which is coached by the school coach and had a conflict.)

These are the kinds of things that often get labelled as “politics”.


It usually means someone’s little angel didn’t get the pt or position the parent thought they should.


One of my best friends in high school got the starting 2nd baseman job because his mom was the principal. He was one of my best friends then and still is 33 years later, but talent level he was lucky to be on the team, much less start. I started in LF and pitched so my jealousy or pt had nothing to do with it but Scotty83 is right in that “its politics” is said more times than it should.


Politics runs HS athletics. Skill is a minor factor. Salvaging adult relationships is the primary concern when determining playing time. Thinking anything else is delusional. HS coaches should be over 50 years of age to minimize the impact of politics, in my opinion. After 50, you no longer give two squats what other people think and you make your own decisions and live with the consequences. Anyone under 50 who does that is the admirable exception to the rule.


Oh yeah. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. It does and sometimes in very balitent ways but it’s just an excuse a lot as well.


this is true, but the reverse is true with more regularity–in my experience.


Wow…thankfully I don’t see that happening at my son’s school or in our area. A school simply wouldn’t be able to field a strong team with such a backwards approach. (I actually thought you were being sarcastic at first because that is so far from my experience…)

My son’s coach will play whoever can get him a win. If anything, he might be too quick to move from pitcher to pitcher looking for something that will work. No politics.