What do I do

Things are getting in my head. Ive been playing baseball for 13 years and Im 16 now. Im afraid that my passion will come to an end and when I get older Ill be stuck with some adult soft ball team. I dont even like soft ball. How can I increase my chances of getting onto a good base ball team so that I have a chance at the pros. I know that the pros isnt everything but I just dont want it to end.

Thank You


The thing to do is have a great time playing now. Your only risk of losing your passion is if you worry about the future. Have a blast playing right now and the future will take care of itself. Trust me.

yeah the more you worry bout the future the faster it will come. enjoy every last moment on that field.

Tell me something, Darren—when did this idea get into your head that somewhere along the line you would lose your enthusiasm for the game? Did something happen that started this train of thought? You should stop and take a good long look at the situation —and let me know what’s going on. I may be able to help. 8)

the fact that this thought even crossed your mind is surprising to me. I know no matter what happens down the road I’ll always be obsessed with the game. Just cuz you don’t make the pros doesn’t mean your love for the game has to end.