What do I DO WEN I MESSED UP!...heLP!

so in some cases…
i’ve been caught up in real bad situations.
like this past start. i started the game off nicely in the first inning.
but then i started to mess up really BAD!!!..
i started to get frustrated.
how and what do you do in game situations or even on past performances to regroup and get mentally ready for future performances???
give me suggestionS!!!

The first thing you need to do is to be aware of your mental state. You have to catch yourself before you show the other team that you’re frustrated. This is the first thing you need to learn.

Realize that you cannot control your emotions - you cannot turn them off. But you can control how you react to your emotions. You have to lrearn to channel your frustrations into your pitching. If the other team sees that you’re frustrated, it tells them that you don’t have your best stuff and they feed off of it.

I once went to a game between Arizona State and University of Arizona. ASU lit up the UofA pitcher for 8 runs in the first inning before the UofA coach made a visit to the mound. I thought for sure the pitcher was coming out of the game. Nope. He stayed in the game and ASU racked up 4 more runs before the end of the 1st inning. I don’t think things could go much worse for the UofA pitcher. But, through all of that, he never once showed any emotion. Pretty darn impressive.

There is a book called, Heads Up Baseball: Playing The Game One Pitch At A Time. It talks about a method for checking your emotions and taking action appropriately. I recommend it.