What do I do about

a coach who literally makes me throw more curveballs than I’m comfortable with, and wants me to ditch my changeup. All the teams that have seen me are predicting the curveball everytime im up 0-2. I try to tell him this and he says that if i throw it right it wotn hurt me, but more than anything developing my fastball is more important. The thing that’s worse is how he only wants the pitches that will get the strikeouts, doesn’t care about how i develope for teh big tournaments like provincials and westerns. Sometimes he calls my game from the dugout to the catcher. and gives me too many breaking pitches. And then he also doesnt want me to waste my time on trying to learn how to throw a pitch like a cutter or a sinker, and wants me to just throw my failing 2 seamer no matter what.

1.kick him in the balls &
tell him to destroy his own arm
2.Talk to your catcher
tell him that you dont agree with the coaches signs
3.shrug off the pitch
and become a confident pitcher and
4.pitch YOUR GAME

Have a parent talk to him about it if your not comfortable, and have them say that you feel the amount of breaking pitches hes having you throw could be damaging to your arm.

And btw, how retarded is this guy? He had you ditch your changeup? He must know next to nothing about pitching, because the changeup is a pitchers single greatest ally.

Y ou don’t indicate your level so lets say it’s hs varsity. Coaches are as different as players. When going to the hs in ones town there must be some knowledge of what the coach does. A good or bad coach has a great impact on the future of a players future at all levels. Sounds like its time for communication since right now he may be there well after you’re gone.

Bantam AA ball. The guy is a good coach when it comes to other aspects of the game, but he seriously doesn’t want me to throw a changeup

O lol, I didn’t realise that you were pro, I was thinking 14 or 15…

Bantam AA is 13 14 year old ball.

At your age, you need to do things to be successful now. But you also need to continue developing to be successful tomorrow. Developing a good change-up will become more and more important to your success as you get older. In my opinion, your coach is hurting your chances for success downthe road by not allowing you to throw change-ups.

What I want to know is have you discussed this with him or are you just keeping it in and getting upset? You may, if you take a second or two after practice and talk pitching with him, find him open to your suggestions, I know I’ve always had plenty of time for a kid who takes the initiative to discuss baseball situations (Not whining about playing time or position assignments). You may just find that you make him respect you because you understand arm care and maintenance…or he may be an egotist and blow you off as dumb…If he does that…shake off the curve and deal with his anger…(Who cares if hes mad if you keep your arm healthy and are successful).

Have your parent talk to him. You could always just refuse to throw what he wants you to. Tell your catcher to ignore him.

Enough already with the Mazzone reference. It is simple when you just put the star pitchers name down and watch, rock and shake their hand.

I’ve talked to him about it, but he thinks its not what i need to be succesfull, and usually will pull me if i throw more changeups.

At age 13/14, I think it’s time for players to handle their own affairs. High school coaches will demand it. 3and0 should talk to the coach himself and try to work things out. The coach will respect him more for trying to handle things himself. Only if the player has made a good attempt to work things out and then only if it’s a matter of health should the parents step in. IMHO.