What cleats to go with


I am looking to pick up a new pair of cleats for the summer season. My team under armour ones are poor so I am looking to change it up. My last pair of cleats were the New Balance Pedroia models which I really liked but I have also heard great things about Nike Men’s Lunar Vapor Trout Metal Baseball Cleat but I am worried they may be a bit high. Any opinions would be appreciated.


New Balance makes a good spike. I’m sure their cleats are good, too. I’ve found that Nike are a bit narrow across the balls of the feet, so if your son’s foot is not narrow, the Nike pair may not be as comfortable as the New Balance. If you have an opportunity, try them on before you decide.


I concur about the Nike width. We’ve switched to Boombah and they seem to run wider. The measuring tool they have works very well to get a good fit. A bonus is that the closeouts have some great bargains.