What Cleats does Daisuke use?

I was wondering what cleats Daisuke Matsuzaka uses, they’re these black/red nike cleats that I’ve been look’n for lately.

They’re definitely a pro model, not sure on the name. Here’s a pic:

he was on the cover of sports illustrated wearing the huarache 2K5s

thx for pic :wink:

^ no problem dude 8) .

i wish those dice-k cleats were in stores they are sick, he’s got some sexy gloves too

A 5-tool hybrid and Shox model, both are sick PE Nikes !

yea dice-k’s new glove is sick, it makes his 5 inning/7 BB/ 100 pitch outings endurable, lol

here’s some more recent pics:

Yeah, not to mention 2 hits and 1 ER. Hes scary to watch, and I was convinced that it would bite him in the ass eventually, but he somehow worked through those first and third, nobody out scenarios often enough to keep his ERA below 3.

Let’s just face it, Dice-K is savage!

I own a pair of these cleats…Someone gave them to me, I was doing some research when I came across this thread, maybe you guys can help?