What-cha Called?

Do you have a name that your team calls you? You know - something snappy like … bulldog, flamethrower, rocketman, bullet-man, etc.?

Just something to add a little flair and style to ya.

Coach B.

Hi, Coach B.
One day I was warming up before a game, throwing all my pitches to see how they were working, generally loosening up, and I had just finished my warmup and was watching as our manager was making out the lineup—and our second baseman came running over to me and said “Hey, guess what! You’ve got a nickname!” I asked him what it was, and he exploded, with no attempt to conceal his joy, “The Exterminator! You are The Exterminator! Did you know they’re calling you that all over the league?” He went on to explain that the other teams in our league did NOT like having to face me. He had overheard two of the players on the team we’d be facing that afternoon—they had been talking, and one of them mentioned that I’d be pitching against them, and the other guy groaned "Oh, NO! Not her again! She’s just killin’ us!"
The Exterminator. I liked that. And all through my playing days that was how I was known. Somehow I felt that it had something to do with what happened to a lot of opposing batters when they struck out trying to get a piece of my slider…with or without the crossfire. :slight_smile: 8) :baseballpitcher:

My basketball coach started it this yaer. “Rekker”. It kind of makes it sound like I’m a recking ball… :lol:

When I was 10 the tournament at Ripken called me “Rocket” I think because my mechanics were similar to his.

Wow, actually I have a lot of different nicknames from all my different teammates.

Scooter, because of my slowness.

Nancy, idk why.

Teej, for T.J.

Knucksie, for my knuckleball.

Tex, one of my teammates calls me that whenever I make a dig at first.

Stretch, because of the unusual way I stretch before games, apparently it’s rather disgusting.

That’s all I’ve got off the top of my head.

Back in High School during batting practice i was shagging in right field. A ball was slicing hard towards the foul line. I was booking it just as hard without paying attention to any silly fence that i may run into (I did run into). My feet somehow managed to get stuck under the fence, and I tried to get up fast before anybody could see me. Too late everybody did and I guess I looked like a dragon trying to fly away (says my pitching coach) so i then became “Dragon”. Lamest way to get a nickname ever, i guarantee it :lol:


Kelly Clarkson cause my first name is clark

Tusk, because most people cannot pronounce my last name lol