What Catch?

During a night game while on the road, our first baseman was under a popup in foul territory and the ball started to drift towards the bleachers. Just as he was about to catch the ball … POOF … a flash camera goes off in the second row. The ball grazes off the first baseman’s mitt and it falls to the ground.

Here’s two sides of an argument that took place that night.
Fielding Head Coach:
This is pure and simple, my man was intentional interference with by a spectator. That spectator reached out with her flash camera and interfered with my first baseman. That flash could be seen all the way from our dugout off the third baseline. That flash blinded him so there’s no way that he could have made that catch with that flash in his face!

Batter’s Head Coach:
Awhhhh … Come on, that camera was all the way in the second row. Look at the size of that little thing. No way a little thing like that is gonna interfere with a player making a catch like that. Heck, even I could make a catch like that with ten of those things flashing around - we do it all the time!

Right about then, our skipper notices our first baseman is focused on the person who made the snap shop. As it turned out, she was a very pretty young lady, who by the way, was wearing a rather revealing blouse. So, to bring the man into the debate, our skipper says…” Hey, didn’t you miss that catch … blinded and interfered with, by that flash?”

Without skipping a beat, our first baseman said, “ what catch?”

Our first baseman was benched for three straight games after that.

Coach B.

That spectator with the flash camera was, no doubt, an avid rooter for the other team. Good thing the ball was foul.
And speaking of flash cameras, when Vic Raschi was going to start for the Yankees he absolutely refused to have photographers come anywhere near him. When those flash cameras went off in his face he was blinded for six or seven minutes, couldn’t see at all, and that really ticked him off. :x