What can professional pitchers lift?

Does anyone know how much professional pitchers can lift? I’ve heard a lot of advice about what lifts I’m supposed to do, I’m really interested in what the guys in the MLB can do. (Especially leg lifts)

Well I think awhile back Steven had said something that Kyle Farnsworth could squat 500, but I’m not quit sure. I would think that there are some pretty strong guys in the MLB. Also you have to remember muscle size doesnt mean that a guy can lift a ton of weight. Look at powerlifters in lower weight classes. Its not uncommon to see powerlifters in the 180-200 pound classes deadlifting 600 pounds. Now I’m sure most major leaguers could deadlift 400 pounds.

David Wells can lift a can of beer and a piece of pizza. I kid, I kid that was a cheapshot.

As professional pitchers get older I think they shy away from the traditional lifts like back squats and deadlifts

The David Wells comment is hilarious. I think that older athletes still do the traditional lifts. I just dont think they have quit near the volume of work that a younger player might have in his workout. The older you get and the more advanced you are as an athlete the less it takes to stimulate the muscles and the nervous system. They fatigue faster, so they manipulate there training so they dont burn out. I just dont think they stop using the bread and butter lifts just because there older.

Although bread and butter might be what David Wells looks forward too.

I asked this question a while back, and i got no answers… Im curouis too.