What can i do?

Gday all,
Ive assest my fastball (avg. 78-82 mph), and i found that it is the perfect speed to hit. This isnt good when im the only starting pitcher on the team (in australia we play one game a week). What can i do to either increase the speed or get strikeouts, because ground balls dont work. My team has the most errors by far over every other side. Should i try and work on other the pitches? or work spots?

I get so frustrated with my side we played on the weekend, the game with out unearnt rus was 4-3 our way but with all the errors it blow out to 5-9 there way.

Anyways any feedback is great.


You wont increase your speed during the course of a season, you’ll need to work on that during the off-season. The other options would be locating better, using more offspeed stuff, or threatening/bribing your infielders to play better behind you. Or you could try a combination of all three.

Watch Maddux and Glavine to get an idea of how to use location rather than pure velocity.

I dont have an off season. I australia we have winter and summer ball ball comps, with 2 weeks break between seasons

A good change-up makes your fastball better. :wink:

i dont throw very hard either but i have very good location on my fastball try throwing it in on their hands it hurts like hell and most of the time it doesnt go very far and they dont hit it very hard