What Can I do to improve my pitching


This is my first year playing baseball and I was wondering if there was any tips or drills I can do to improve my pitching. I remember I only threw three perfect strikes and they were all change ups in this video. My pitching video is the link above.


Slow the knee lift. Put the front foot down then glide out… Practice pitching every 2-3 days. 10 fastballs,5 change ups, and again 20 FB ,5 cu.you also need to do long toss since u lack natural rhythm. Add an extra day of rest after long toss. Make sure you warm up slowly, never throw hard on a cold arm, it can ruin ur arm for a week, season, or years.


For your age and size you show a tremendous amount of potential. Your stride could be a little longer, along with a delay of your planting your stride foot - HOWEVER, it’s only because of your age and muscular development, that’s still in the growing phase of your life. Give it all time and a lot of patience.

You’re worth bringing along, slow and easy. your upper body shows a good amount of balance and perspective along with timing your shoulder exchange and your glove arm discipline. Again, you’re still in the growing stages of your life - so don’t rush things by trying to howitzer the ball with all your might for the sake of velocity.

You impress me as a pitcher with detail and precision. A pitcher that could, with just a little bit of discipline and coaching, could spot the ball just about anywhere he wanted to.

Your next step should be to find a mentor, a pitching coach that understands your age group, your physical develop stage(s) now and in the next two years. He/she should map out a diet and nutrition plan with a balance of carbs/proteins/ hydration and sleep management. He/she should also condition your coaching for the off-season/preseason/prime season/post season.

Soon or later someone is going to tell you much of what I just mentioned, only because you’re the genuine article. You’re very well balanced and worth bringing along.

However, think this training stuff through carefully. It’s a gift to have the natural talent that you have, a real gift. On the other hand, it can be a very heavy weight. Coaching talent like you have - in the rough, can be a long, drawn out process. Many youngsters with talent like yours fail after only five or six months of coaching, only because it’s so demanding and time consuming. On the other hand, if you ever had the intention of pitching in the professional business - you have the foundation, “as is”.

I know talent when I see it. I see it in your short video.


Thank you for giving me tips on pitching. I’ll try to incorporate this in my training. Thank you Coach Baker for giving me advice on what I should do and letting me know I have potential to become a really great pitcher. I will try to take your advice and get a pitching coach. I forgot to mention I’m 14 years old and I’m going to be a freshman this year. I’ll make sure I take time improving and will hopefully do my best to get a Baseball Scholarship.


I normally don’t go to the length of expanding on my observations, but in your case I’m going to make an exception.

Now this may seem counterproductive and even in some cases a little unreasonable but, don’t chase the college scholarship for the sake of your baseball experience.

Baseball is a game, and games are meant to be fun. Keep a “fun” perspective with your baseball and your pitching. Try not to get so involved in chasing scholarships and the like, that this becomes your prime focus, because you don’t have to. Your ability will come along on its own and you will improve if, and only if, you enjoy what you’re doing. In other words, keep things in perspective, manage your priorities with good health habits, don’t do things off the field that detract from what you’re doing on the field, keep the grades up, your family commitments, and so on.

Last but not least, your ability will speak for itself, don’t try and force it. Let your priorities that I just mentioned take center stage - that way you won’t be distracted with things hanging over your head while you’re try to improve your pitching skills.

Best wishes with your baseball experience and keep us informed of your progress.


Make sure you throw alot this summer. At least every other day.


Yes I throw almost every week for about 6 months now. I make sure I take a a 1 day break after throwing. I tried playing as pitcher this year because I’ve always been told I had a really good arm. I absolutely love pitching. It feels like I’ve been playing baseball ever since I was little. I never get tired of throwing the baseball.